Film Processing and Scanning

Film Processing and Scanning

Film Processing and Scanning

Film Processing and Scanning using a Noritsu HS-1800 films scanner at high resolution.

Each image is professionally colour and density corrected to get the best quality for you.

The digital files are saved to DVD with an index print for quick reference.

(If you would like your files saved to a USB stick please send one with your film.)

The negatives are cut into strips and presented in A4 negative sleeves.

If you want to find out more information go to Our Q&A Page.

We do not process black and white or E6 films.

Film sizesPrice per film
120 Size£12.00

Prices Include VAT - Production Time - Approximately 5 Working Days - For 220 Films please double 120 prices

Negative SizeScan ResolutionFile Size - Approx.Colour ProfileFile Type
35mm6774px X 4492px87mbsRGB.jpeg
6x4.54824px X 3533px48mbsRGB.jpeg
6x64760px X 4760px65mbsRGB.jpeg
6x75902px X 4815px81mbsRGB.jpeg

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